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Does Menstrual Blood Cause Chlamydia? (1.25.16)
Average Number of Students That Have Sex at UA (2.1.16)
How Long After Unprotected Sex Can You Get Tested? (2.8.16)
Male Questions About Pregnancy (2.15.16)
I Heard The Zika Virus Can Spread Sexually – Is That True? (2.22.16)
Sexual Health By The Numbers at UA (2.29.16)
Female Orgasm Troubles (3.7.16)
Spring 2016 Wildfact Edition (3.21.16)
How Does Plan B Work? (3.28.16)
I Don’t Know If My Girlfriend Has Ever Had An Orgasm When We Have Sex. What’s Going Wrong? (4.4.16)
Hot Items On Lap & Sperm Production (4.11.2016)
Relationship Status = It's Complicated? (4.18.2016)
Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-Cum? (4.25.2016)
How Do You Tell Someone You Have An STD? (5.2.2016)

Is birth control free under Obamacare? (1/26/15)
How effective are vasectomies? Are they dangerous? (2/2/15)
Condom FAQ’s (2/9/15)
I heard that syphilis is a problem again. Is that true? (2/16/15)
If it’s illegal to pay for sex, how do porn stars get paid? (2015 Update) (2/23/15)
Is it weird to be a virgin coming to college? (3/2/15)
Is masturbating more than 6 times a day abnormal or harmful? (3/9/15)
Is it true that when a guy drinks it is harder for him to get it up? (2015 Update) (3/23/15)
Orgasm with vibrator but not during sex (3/30/15)
I heard I don’t need a Pap test every year. Really? (2015 Update) (4/6/15)
Spring 2015 Wildfact Edition! (4/13/15)
Staying Sexually Healthy (2015 Update) (4/20/15)
What kind of lube should I be using? (4/27/15)
Where do STDs come from? (2015 Update) (5/4/15)
Sexual Health Mythbusters (8.24.15)
Where Can I Get Free Condoms/When To Have Sex In New Relationship (8.31.15)
Female Orgasm Facts (9.14.15)
One Night Stand With Hometown Guy (9.21.15)
Can Only Have Drunk Sex (9.28.15)
How Do You Build A Healthy Relationship (10.05.15)
Am I The Only Virgin On Campus? (10.12.15)
Wildfact Edition (10.19.15)
HPV Vaccine Update (10.26.15)
How Did I Get Chlamydia & Where Did It Come From? (11.2.15)
Least Likely Time To Get Pregnant (11.9.15)
Can I Get Pregnant If I Take Birth Control? (11.16.15)
Does FWB Work? (11.23.15)
Tinder & Other Dating App Tips (11.30.15)
All About IUDS (12.7.15)

How soon can I take a home pregnancy test? How accurate are they? (1/27/14)

How often do condoms break? (2/3/14)

Menstrual Cramp Remedies (2/10/14)

Last week of birth control pills/ how to handle hickies (2/17/14)

Which STIs are curable? (2/24/14)

What are some of the benefits and side-effects of the birth control pill? (3/3/14)

Is it weird to be a virgin coming to college? (3/10/14)

Sex for the first time (3/24/14)

Is it possible for men to carry HPV but for it not to affect them? (3/31/14)

4 Questions About Birth Control Pills (4/7/14)

Can certain exercises lead to better sex? (4/14/14)

Sex & Stress (4/21/14)

Why can't I climax? (4/28/14)

How has hooking up changed the college dating scene? (5/5/14)

Sexual Health Mythbusters (8/25/14)

What is the average # of students that have sex @ UA? (2014 Update)(9/8/14)

Is birth control really 99.9% effective?(9/15/14)

How many times do you have to practice with your partner to orgasm at the same time? (9/22/14)

Fall Wildfact Edition! (9/29/14)

Which STDs are curable? (10/6/14)

How soon can I take a home pregnancy test? How accurate are they? (Update) (10/13/14)

Does “Friends with Benefits” work? (Update) (10/20/14)

Some things you may not know about sex (2014 Update) (10/27/14)

What do you do to stay sexually healthy? (2014 Update) (11/3/14)

Mononucleosis (2014 Update) (11/10/14)

What are hickies and what’s the best way to get rid of them? (11/17/14)

Does porn decrease sexual enjoyment with my partner? (11/24/14)

Where does sperm go if it is not ejaculated? (12/1/14)

What happens if you use Viagra but you don’t need it? (12/8/14)

Healthy Relationships (1/14/13)
Do men have any sort of birth control other than condoms? (1/28/13)
How many people are college students really having sex with?/Morning After Pill? (2/4/13)
Do I need a Pap test every year? (2/11/13)
How do you get away from someone you are uncomfortable with? (2/18/13)
Are some birth control methods more effective than others? (2/25/13)
Trouble penetrating girlfriend (3/4/13)
Will he still be into me if I don’t have sex with him? (3/18/13)
How effective are nuva rings?/Where can you buy bulk condoms? (3/25/13)
Am I bisexual? (4/1/13)
What are those bumps around my penis? (4/8/13)
Can you get pregnant if you have sex on your period? (4/15/13)
What do people prefer in terms of pubic hair? (4/22/13)
Spring Wildfact Edition! (4/29/13)
Does “Friends with Benefits” work? (8/26/13)
What is the average # of students that have sex @ UA? (9/9/13)
How many UA students get tested for STIs? (9/16/13)
When is the safest time to have sex and avoid pregnancy? (9/23/13)
Can you get an STD from oral sex? (9/30/13)
Can you get pregnant in a hot tub? (10/7/13)
IUD Questions (10/14/13)
Sex and Alcohol (10/21/13)
Male Condoms 101 (10/28/13)
Male questions about pregnancy (11/4/13)
Can you get an STD from a toilet seat? (11/18/13)
Does sex get better with age? (11/25/13)
Is birth control free under the Affordable Care Act? (12/2/13)
How to prepare for anal sex (12/9/13)

How does Plan B work? (1/23/12)
Missed 3rd HPV shot: What do I do now? (1/30/12)
Can STDs be transferred by kissing? (2/6/12)
Are different STDs more common at different ages? (2/13/12)
Sexual Mythbusters (2/20/12)
Does THC really lower sperm count? (2/27/12)
Should a guy be able to pee during an erection? (3/05/12)
Will taking the pill (or taking a break from it) affect my future fertility? (3/19/12)
What are the most common STDs? (3/26/12)
What is the technical definition of a violent relationship? How do I know if I'm in one? (4/2/12)
Are “Brazilian” waxes safe/healthy? (4/9/12)
What is your assessment of the symptothermal family planning method? (4/16/12)
What happens to semen after it is ejaculated? (4/23/12)
How often should I get tested for STDs? (4/30/12)
Can you get herpes from oral sex? (8/20/12)
Birth control & more paid under Affordable Care Act (8/27/12)
Where Can I get Free Condoms?/When to Have Sex in New Relationship (9/10/12)
Can you contract HIV from any bodily fluid? (9/17/12)
Does size matter? Too small or too big? (9/24/12)
Can you have sex in public?/Can you use plastic wrap or a balloon as a condom? (10/1/12)
Could a rape victim ever get over the past and try to have sex? (10/8/12)
Is faking orgasms wrong? (10/15/12)
How many partners does the average person have before they get married? (10/22/12)
Flavored and glow-in-the-dark condoms (10/29/12)
How new is the birth control implant? (11/5/12)
Special Wildfact Edition! (11/19/12)
How do you use a female condom? (11/26/12)
How do you tell someone you have an STD? (12/3/12)

Well-Endowed (1/24/11)

Can you use OCPs as EC? (1/31/11)
Why is porn legal if prostitution isn't? (2/7/11)
Safe to Swallow / Pineapple and "Man Juice" (2/14/11)
Birth control pills and future fertility (2/21/11)
What is the difference between HSV-1 and HSV-2? (2/28/11)
Sex Benefits to Health (3/7/11)
Does the pill decrease libido? (3/21/11)
Abstinence-only sex ed (3/28/11)
When can you get tested? (4/4/11)
Menstrual cup safety (4/11/11)
Difference between HIV and AIDS (4/18/11)
Sexual Peaks of Men and Women (4/25/11)
Can you get an STD from oral sex? (5/2/11)
What's the best condom type to get? (8/22/11)
STD Symptoms & Difference Between STD and STI (8/29/11)
Why do vaginas and penises smell funny? (9/12/11)
What is the chance of getting an STD with a condom on? (9/19/11)
Fickle Female Orgasm (9/26/11)
Commonly Asked Questions (10/3/11)
Why don't you talk about abstinence? (10/10/11)
What is a pap smear and how often should I get one? (10/17/11)
How much does it cost to get tested for an STD and will my parents see the bill? (10/24/11)
How are the birds and the bees associated with sex? (10/31/11)
Funk on your junk: penis bumps (11/07/11)
What do you do if you walk in on your roommate? (11/14/11)
How long should it take a guy to be ready for “Round 2” (11/21/11)
What do you do to stay sexually healthy? (11/28/11)
How much do birth control pills cost at Campus Health? (12/5/11)



Long Term Risks of Oral Contraceptives (1/25/10)
HPV Vaccine for Men (2/1/10)
Can You Use Condoms in the Shower? (2/15/10)
What Food is the Best Aphrodisiac? (2/22/10)
When is the earliest I can take a pregnancy test? (3/1/10)
Risky sex (3/8/10)

STD numbers at UA (3/22/10)

Is sex with my best guy friend healthy for our relationship? (3/29/10)

The Withdrawal Method (4/5/10)

Lesbian STD Risks & Curved Penis (4/12/10)

Is there a "safe time" to have sex? (4/19/10)

Does uncircumcised boyfriend post STD risk? (4/26/10)

Do condoms stop HIV? (5/3/10)

Boyfriend less aroused (8/23/10)
Pulling Out & Semen Outside the Body (9/13/10)
Spotting After Sex (9/20/10)
Abnormal Pap Smear (9/27/10)
Alternatives to Anal Sex for Gay Men (10/4/10)
Does HPV shot prevent cervical cancer? (10/11/10)
Oral sex and yeast infection (10/18/10)
Can ovulation occur while on the pill & what happens to the egg? (10/25/10)
No Big "O" for Her & Lambskin Condoms (11/1/10)
Improving sexual sensations when using condoms (11/8/10)
Can you have sex in the dorms/ok to be a virgin? (11/15/10)
Relaying STD results & weight gain from birth control? (11/22/10)
Pill went down sink – is it o.k. to miss? (11/29/10)
Is masturbation unhealthy? (12/6/10)

Circumcision (1/26/09)
Condom Breakage (2/2/09)
Lubrication (2/9/09)
Health Risks of Being Rh Negative? (2/16/09)
Medical Privacy: Will my parents find out? (2/23/09)

Sleep-Related Erections (3/2/09)
Mutual Masturbation & Pregnancy (3/9/09)

Causes of Yeast Infections (3/23/09)
Morning After Pill vs. Abortion Pill (3/30/2009)
Urinary Tract Infections (4/6/2009)
STD Testing Costs and Confidentiality (4/13/2009)
Are spermicidal condoms worthwhile? (4/20/09)
Does hypersexuality = bi-polar? (4/27/09)
Implanon (5/4/09)
Genital Warts (8/24/09)
Sex and Alcohol (8/31/09)
Are headaches a sign of pregnancy? (9/14/09)
Calories Burned During Sex (9/21/09)
Birth control age and how to get an appointment (9/28/09)
Condom Falls Off (10/5/09)
If I get pregnant and am not ready what are my options? (10/12/09)
Do animals carry STDs? (10/19/09)
Is Foreplay Important? (10/26/09)
IUDs (11/2/09)
What is Tantric Sex? (11/9/09)
Lost Tampon (11/16/09)
I cheated on my boyfriend - how do I rebuild trust? (11/23/09)
Can you get pregnant in a swimming pool? (11/30/09)
What is the purpose of pubic hair?(12/7/09)

Prostate cancer (1/28/08)
Sex underwater (2/4/08)
Outercourse (2/11/08)
Divorce rates (2/18/08)
Withdrawal method (2/25/08)
Plan B, pill & nuvaring (3/3/08)
Marriage age (3/10/08)
HIV testing (3/24/08)
Double-bagging & latex dams (3/31/08)
Curable STD's? (4/7/08)
Pre-marital sex (4/14/08)
Abusive boyfriend (4/21/08)
Good in bed (4/28/08)
All about hickies (8/25/08)
Staying sexually healthy (9/8/08)
Dry Humping (9/15/08)
Can Only Have Drunk Sex (9/22/08)
Relationships can be hard work (9/29/08)
Do laptops reduce sperm counts? (10/6/08)
Birth control pill schedule & future fertility (10/13/08)
What percent of sexual crimes are alcohol-related? (10/20/08)
Sperm Survival & Penetration (10/27/08)
Common to break hymen while a virgin? (11/03/08)
How many get STD tests/How Confidential? (11/10/08)
Use it or Lose it? (11/17/08)
Arousal and Orgasm in Women (11/24/08)
Least likely time to get pregnant? (12/1/08)
How long does it take after you have sex to determine if you are pregnant? (12/8/08)

Building a healthy relationship (1/22/07)
Lubrication (1/29/07)
Has sex among teenagers increased? (2/5/07)
Sex during menstruation? (2/12/07)
Not pregnant, but lactating (2/19/07)
Does sexual activity hinder one’s athletic performance? (2/26/07)
Mole on genitals, can it be cancerous? (3/5/07)
STDs lifespan on a sex toy (3/5/07)
Is it harder to get over a boyfriend if you have slept with him? (3/26/07)
Losing an erection in the middle of intercourse (4/2/07)
Does overstimulation desensitize your clitoris? (4/9/07)
Anal sex curiosity (4/16/07)
Does “Friends with benefits” work? (4/23/07)
Canker sore vs. cold sore (4/30/07)
Alone at a party: he wants to hook up, you don’t (7/25/07)
Benefits and side-effects of the birth control pill (8/20/07)
Thoughts on waiting for sex until marriage (8/27/07)
Where do STD’s come from? (9/10/07)
When a condom breaks go to Plan B (9/17/07)
Reporting STD’s and HIPPA (9/24/07)
Semen 101 (10/1/07)
Some things you may not know about sex (10/8/07)
Most effective birth control pills and their side effects (10/15/07)
Does size matter? (10/22/07)
Premature ejaculation/Learning to last longer (10/29/07)
Unique date ideas (11/5/07)
Women’s trouble achieving an orgasm (11/19/07)

Drinking and erections (11/26/07)
Sexual consent: stats & laws (12/3/07)

Female ejaculation (1/23/06)
On the patch, condom breaks, pregnancy possibility? (1/30/06)
Stress and Sex (2/6/06)
STDs and oral sex (2/13/06)
Women to woman sex: what are the risks? (2/20/06)
Orgasm with vibrator but not during sex (2/27/06)
Is there any way to make my vagina tighter? (3/6/06)
How to tell your partner you have an STD (3/20/06)
Where to get STD tests without insurance (3/27/06)
Delayed menstrual period-why? (4/3/06)
Scabies: where to get checked (4/10/06)
Risks of the contraceptive patch (4/17/06)
Exploring a possible same-sex relationship (4/24/06)
How often should a woman see a gynecologist? (5/1/06)
STD symptoms without sexual activity (8/21/06)
Should I get the HPV vaccine? (8/28/06)
Can women be addicted to orgasms? (9/11/06)
Pregnancy testing after unprotected sex (9/18/06)
Why are my sexual urges strong the day after drinking? (9/25/06)
Sex for the first time (10/2/06)
Enhancing sexual performance (10/9/06)
How many forms of contraception have been used to date? (10/16/06)
Is it possible to orgasm without screaming? (10/23/06)
Oral sex and STDs (10/30/06)
What are "blue balls"? (11/6/06)
Benefits and disadvantages of IUDs (11/20/06)
How does Emergency Contraception (Plan B) work? (11/27/06)

Is it possible for a guy to purchase "day after pill"? (1/24/05) Yes in 2009
Can semen on fingers get you pregnant? (1/31/05)
Mononucleosis (2/7/05)
Women without orgasms: what to do? (2/14/05)
Symptoms of the “morning after” pill (2/21/05)
Average number of sexual partners for college students (2/28/05)
What are “blue balls”? (3/7/05)
Can pre-ejaculate fluid impregnate a woman? (3/21/05)
What is the G-spot and how can I find it? (3/28/05)
How much “vaginal fluid” is needed to contract an STD? (4/4/05)
Contracting HIV, is it easy? (4/11/05)
Average duration of intercourse (4/18/05)
Inexpensive places to get tested for STDs (4/25/05)
Do have anti-depressants have sexual side effects? (5/2/05)
Sextalk (August 29, 2005)
Sextalk September 12, 2005)
Sextalk September 26, 2005)
Sextalk October 3, 2005)
Sextalk October 10, 2005)
Sextalk October 17, 2005)
Least likely time to get pregnant during menstrual cycle (10/24/05)
2 condoms = twice as safe? (10/31/05)
Birth control pills 101 (11/7/05)
Effectiveness of combining contraceptives and condoms (11/14/05)
What is the best way to perform cunnilingus? (11/21/05)
Risks of disease with anal sex (11/28/05)
Breast enhancement pills (12/5/05)

Anal burning pain: is it an STD? (1/26/04)
Painful urination (2/2/04)
STD testing at Campus Health (2/9/04)
Blacking out at a party (2/16/04)
Retrograde ejaculation (2/23/04)
Is missing a period by a few days normal? (3/1/04)
Virgin experimenting with sex toys (3/8/04)
I can never get to climax, what can I do differently? (3/22/04)
Abstinence (3/29/04)
Burning sensation around the vagina after sex (4/5/04)
Possible to increase penis size? (4/12/04)
How are STDs transmitted? (4/19/04)
Masturbation (4/26/04)
Morning after pill vs. abortion pill (5/3/04)
Kissing and oral herpes (8/2
Can pre-ejaculate impregnate a woman? (8/30/04)
How soon can HIV be detected? (9/13/04)
Foam parties and STDs (9/20/04)
Oral Sex and STDs (9/27/04)
Is there a penis bone?/Is masturbation wrong? (10/4/04)
What are the risks of lesbian sex? (10/11/04)
Avoiding condom breakage/ Does “pap” test for STDs? (10/18/04)
Rapid ejaculation (10/25/04)
STDs in the shower (11/1/04)
Urinating after sex: good or bad? (11/8/04)
Causes of vaginal dryness (11/15/04)
Canker sore vs. cold sore (11/22/04)
Date rape drugs (11/29/04)
Changes in sexual pleasure/desire/response (12/6/04)

Female burning sensation after intercourse (1/14/02))
Condom effectiveness in preventing STDs (2/4/02)
Breast enlargement pills (2/11/02)
Where to go for STD testing (2/18/02)
Sex for the first time (2/25/02)
No simultaneous orgasm (3/4/02)
Alcohol and consent (3/18/02)
Penis enlarging pills (3/25/02)
AIDS and oral sex/Female condoms (4/1/02)
Are you obligated to tell a partner about STDs? (4/15/02)
Is masturbation normal? (4/22/02)

Emergency contraception 101 (8/20/01)
Blue balls”/Condom effectiveness (8/2
Male contraceptives (9/10/01)
The pill: risks of high blood pressure and diabetes? (9/17/01)
Oral sex and herpes (9/24/01)
Effects of alcohol on the brain and sexual relationships (10/1/01)
Comparing effectiveness of different forms of birth control (10/8/01)
Sex during menstruation (10/15/01)
Male orgasms and ejaculation (10/22/01)
Queaf/Dental Dams (10/29/01)
Is oral sex considered sex? (11/5/01)
Blood from penis/ trouble ejaculating (11/19/01)
Gynecological exam costs (11/26/01)
Irregular periods and birth control (12/3/01)